Types and Ways to Play in Online Roulette Betting

Types and Ways to Play in Online Roulette Betting – In online roulette betting games as a player you certainly need to have an understanding and bet regarding the type of game and how to get a win.

This game used to be only provided in casinos in the world. If in Indonesia no one dares to open a place to play casino because in Indonesia it is strictly forbidden to gamble. With the passage of time and in the technological era, many online gambling agents provide online casino gambling games and other games such as Baccarat, Sicbo, Dragon Tiger, and many other types of casino games. On this occasion I will tell you how to play online roulette properly and correctly. We will also share the tricks of the types of bets to play online bets to win easily. Please read below:

Actually, how to play online roulette is not difficult to play. Because to play it you only need to guess the position of the ball that will stop in a rotating disc and will stop at one of the numbers that you have to guess.

Straight Up

This Straight Up is one type of bet where you really hope for luck because you have to guess 1 right number. For example, this: If you want to guess at number 9, then you have to place a bet on number 9 and if you get hit you will be paid 36: 1

Split Up

The type of split up bet is that you have to make a guess, namely choosing 2 numbers that you think will come out for example: choosing numbers 6 and 7 and if the numbers you choose come out then you will get paid 17:1


Street bets are that you have to guess 3 consecutive numbers, for example: 4.5.6 and if you win, you will be paid 11:1

Corner Bet

Cornet bet is a type of bet where you have to guess 4 consecutive numbers such as: And the amount if you win is 8:1

Bet Line

The type of line bet bet is that you have to guess 6 consecutive numbers for example: and the amount of payment you get if you win is 5:1

Dozen Bet

In this casino online game there is one column that reads 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12 where each column is written with the number 12. If your guess is correct, you will get paid 2:1

Column Bet

In the online casino gambling table there are values ‚Äč‚Äčlisted in columns 2 to 1, each of which has a value of 12 numbers. And if you win, the payout is the same as a dozen bets, which is 2:1

Odd/Even Bet

This type of odd and even bet, you have to guess the ball that spins whether the number that comes out is odd or even if you guess odd and right then you will be paid 1:1

Big/Small Bet

In this game there are also big and small bets where you have to guess the ball that comes out big or small, for example, small numbers (1 to 18) and large numbers (19 to 37). The payout for this bet is 1:1.

Red Black

Furthermore, there are red and black bet types and this type of bet is the easiest among other types of bets, because it is easy for many bettors to choose to place this option.


This is the last type of bet where you have to guess 5 different numbers and if the ball stops spinning and stops at one of the numbers you placed then you will get paid 1:1.

Tips for Playing the Most Powerful Roulette Game

1. Prepare Sufficient Playing Capital

To be able to play and place bets, of course, you must have capital or chips. For this reason, it is also important for you to consider the capital you have to prepare, small or large.

2. Have a Winning Target

The next tip is for you to play with a winning target. If the winning target has been reached, we recommend making a withdrawal because we don’t know what will happen in the future. So if you have made a withdrawal then you are safe from defeat.

3. Reading Previous Game History

The next tip is for those of you who want to place a bet, we recommend paying attention to the previous history board. To make it easier for you to guess or predict the numbers that will come out

4. Place Small Bets First

For those of you who want to play, try to bet small first to see your luck in this online casino game. If you think you have high luck then try to increase the bet.

5. Looking for a Good Table

For the last tip, what you have to do is to find a good table and don’t get stuck with one table. In this sense, if the table loses 3 times in a row. So we suggest looking for a new table because at that table there is no luck for you.