Guide on how to play Sportsbook

tiffanyrings – Sportsbook is an online gambling game that provides various sports as a place for betting, the sports provided by the sportbook cover almost all sports such as ball, basketball, golf, tennis, badminton, table tennis and many more. Playing sportsbook can be said to be very profitable and very fun, how can you not try your luck in every sport that you like, all can be chosen according to your wishes.

In online sportsbook 212 gambling, the game that is often played or widely played is the game of football, because we know for ourselves that the sport of football is a sport that is popular with various walks of life from those who carry it to the top because basically the ball is the most popular type of sport in the world. Playing sportsbook can also be said to be very profitable because there are so many transactions, the amount of money in this type of soccer gambling can reach hundreds of billions per day around the world, so you can imagine how much you can get if you win playing sportsbook.
The development of sportsbooks in Indonesia is very fast and there are many enthusiasts, but most ordinary people do not really understand the types of sportsbook games and only place bets according to their favorite team of choice. On this occasion we will discuss the types of sportsbook games that you can try and play.

1. Handicap (HDP)

Handicap is a type of online soccer gambling game that is most often played and has many enthusiasts, how to play it is also very easy compared to other types of games. At the bottom of the HDP column you can find red (Ngepoor) and black writing, if you choose red (-0.5) it means you are doing poor to the opposing team, otherwise if you choose black (1.10) it means you get a more suitable kei with your betting value. there are 3 points that are usually provided:
0–0.5 = fur 1/4
0.5 = fur 1/2
0.5–1 = fur 3/4
1–1.5 = fur 1¼
Black Meaning: If we lose, pay according to what we bet, if we win, we get more money than we bet (depending on the odds)
For example, the interest is 1,110 -> bet 100 thousand. If you win, you get 100 x 1,110 = 111 thousand, if you lose, you only pay 100 thousand
Red means: If we win, we will get the money we bet, but if we lose, we have to pay more (depending on the odds)
For example, Red flowers, the interest is -1.110 -> bet 100 thousand. If you lose, pay 100 x 1,110 = 111 thousand, if you win, you only get 100 thousand

2.Over / Under (O / U)

Over / Under is very easy to play because only guessing the score is above or below, usually in the O / U column there is a number 2.5 which means that if we bet OVER, the result must exceed 3 goals (4,5,6, etc.), but if the match results there are only 3 goals (3–0, 2- ,, etc.) meaning we win completely. We recommend that if we put a bet under, the score must not exceed 3.

3. Odd / Even (O / E)

Odd / Even or Odd / Even, how to play is easy, we only need to choose the final result of the match from the number of goals for both teams, the kei calculation on Odd / Even is the same as HDP.

1×2 are odds for guessing win, draw or lose. All you have to do is click on the odds or the market to place your bet. Example: you choose Barcelona to win, click the black angkl (1.50), then enter your bet amount into the bet column, for example, bet 100 thousand. 1 = host (home), it means that if we choose the host to win, X = draw means that you choose the match to end in a draw, and the last 2 = Away if we choose the away team to win, for example the result of the match is 3-1 the calculation : (100 thousand x 1.90) – 100 thousand = 90 thousand. So we need to remember 90 thousand won for the calculation of victory, all odds must be reduced by 1, if the result of the match is a draw / win on the part of Barcelona then you will lose 100 thousand.

4. Half Time / Full Time (HT / FT)

Betting HT / FT means that you only guess the first round match and combine it with the match results at Full Time (the match is over), so it is called HT / FT. Here is an example of odds or bets on HT / FT:

H = HOME (Home wins) D = DRAW (Draw) A = AWAY (Away win).

If there is HOME HOME written, then TIM A will win in the first half and when the match ends the result will still be won by TIM A.
HOME HOME example if the first half scores 1–0, after the match the score remains 1–0.
Example of HOME DRAW if the first half is 1–0, the match ends 1–1.
Example of HOMW AWAY if the first half skoe 1–0, after the match the score is 1–2.

There is also some code that you can find like:


5. Mix Parlay

Mix Parlay is a game that uses a small amount of bets but can get multiple profits depending on the odds given by each market, how to play is easy, you only need to guess at least 3 teams and a maximum of 10 teams if you place 5 teams and all win then your bet multiplied by each team’s odds the result is your profit. The more teams you install, the more profit you will get, but to guess many teams it is not easy to all depend on your own predictions.

6. OUTRIGHT markets

Playing the Outright market is the easiest type of game to play, the only way is to guess which team will qualify for the next round. But guessing is something that is somewhat difficult but also very fun if you see the results you get if you make the guess right, but this game will not be easy to get, because this game only exists in big competitions such as the Champion League, Premier League, and others who are also big teams.